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18 industry leading brands including Panache Sport, Freya Active, Shock Absorber, Brooks, Anita Active, Elomi, Berlei, Champion, Cake Maternity, Enell and Runderwear sports bras.

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Ultimate Run Bra

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Ultimate Run Bra

Shock Absorber


High Impact Sports Bras

She Science specialises in offering high impact sports bras for cup sizes A-J. 

High Impact Sports Bras are designed to reduce breast displacement (that's the fancy way of saying breast bounce) during sports and activities that involve jumping, running, skipping, jolting or taking impact. 

Sports that require a high impact sports bra include running, netball, horse riding, tennis, AFL, cricket, soccer, basketball, dancing and triathlon. 

Larger cup sizes will feel best in a high impact sports bra for lower impact activities like walking, weights, pilates, yoga, swimming, cycling and golf.

Here's an article we wrote about our favourite high impact sports bras. 

Low - Medium Impact Sports Bras

Low to medium impact sports bras are best suited to sports that don't require jumping, running, skipping or fast changes of moment. Low impact sports include rowing, gold, yoga, swimming, cycling, pilates and walking. 

Low impact sports bras will generally be simple in design to a high impact sports bra. Low and Medium impact Sports Bras will include crop style bras that don't have adjustability to change the fit or firmness; or bras that feel like slightly sturdier everyday bras. 

Remember you can also use a high impact sports bra for low impact activities - so long as you are comfortable there is no issues with doing so. 

Plus Size Sports Bras

Some women define plus size as a large cup and other women define plus size as a larger band size. 

She Science offers plus size sports bras to a size 24 in the band size, and we offer to a K cup in the cup size. 

You can search for our plus size bras by using the search by bra size filter - simply select the size you are seeking and all options will appear. 

Here's an article we wrote about some of our favourite plus size sports bras. 

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