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Louisa Berndt
Enell sports bra

Love this bra. Keeps everything still and the back section stops my back fat bulging - huge bonus! All the hooks are a bit of a pest but very worth it.
I will purchase again.


An excellent bra with excellent support. I had to go up to a size 8 from a size 7, and still feel it is a fraction small. Perhaps because I am taller than average (173cm) I find it still rides up at the back when I raise my arms, or do a lot of physical work. I am an E cup, so there are days when I feel well supported and invincible in it, and days when I feel like it's strangling me. I also sweat a lot when working in my garden, and have opted to not wear the Enell bra on hot days because I'm very aware of it sticking to my back and limiting my movement. But for general wear I really love it! It holds everything firmly and really seems to reduce the weight of my breasts on my upper back and shoulders! Would recommend!!

Elizabeth Waddington

I like Enell but I have asymmetrical breasts. Can the bra cups be custom altered?

Julia M
Great Running Bra

Incredibly supportive as well as comfy. I usually get chafing under my bust but it doesn’t happen with this bra. Nothing moves. I will buy this again.

Vanessa Thomson

Love my new Enell. It was deliver in super fast time and was very easy to order.

Alana Zelones

After years and years and years of wearing two sometimes three bras when I train, this has been a gamechanger. I feel supported, my shoulders don't hurt, there is no chaffing and its easy to put on and take off. Thrilled is an understatement.

The best bra for large breasts

I adore this bra. I have very large breasts and it keeps them up and well strapped in while moving around. Highly recommended. My first enell is still going well after 5 years, haven't encountered any other bra that lasts this long

Jane Prince

I wore for the first time today earlier in the week I managed to bruise my ribs it gave me the support I’ve really needed while I’m riding and kept my ribs together in the process extremely comfortable I couldn’t recommend it more highly thank you also for you help with sizing

Enell Sport is best sports bra

Love this sports bra. It feels a little tight initally, but is comfy for training. Awesome for big workouts, feel secure and best is I can remove so easily at the end of training. The fabric here is a little thicker than the Enell light, which is better as I don't like my peaks showing :P

Excellent Product

The most supportive bra I have ever worn.