Dare Racerback Run Bra 2.0 FINAL_SALE

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How she fits

This style fits extra firm around your ribcage. If you are concerned about too much firmness around your ribcage then consider going up a band size. Eg size 12 > 14. 

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Amazing is all I can say

Comfortable bounce reduction

Really comfortable and supportive - I have a wide ribcage and smaller breasts so it's hard to find something in 18C and this did the trick. I went to the fitting appointment and tried on just about every wire-free bra in that size and this is what I came away with.
Only downside: It's difficult to get in and out of.

Kerryn Healy
Couldn't be happier

Needed a seamless bra under my Tri suit/wetsuit to reduce pressure around the ribs.
Followed advice and went a size bigger - perfect fit. It is so much more comfortable it
is just like wearing my bathers under the wetsuit - exactly what I needed.

Margaret Rennie
Bra is cutting up my back

This bra is the right size but the back is still giving me too much friction on my back and im getting cut up and scabby on my back. Sides are good. No rash on arms etc.

Nicole Wewer
Insanely comfortable bra

As my title suggests, this bra is amazingly comfortable! It felt tight (compressive tightness) when I first put it on but, within 20 minutes, it felt perfect. I looked like I was wearing an underwire bra! It held the girls up like a push up bra without the awful underwires! I usually come home and rip my bra off first thing; however, first time I wore this, I was home for hours before I even remembered I had it on!! I’m about to buy 2 more pairs!! Truly the best bras I’ve ever worn. Worth every cent!

Keli Sutherland
Buy this bra!

This is the best sports bra I have had in DECADES! It is comfortable, supportive and has almost no seams at all! The positioning of the muscle back means that pressure is distributed across the back rather than on the shoulders. Great for running, HIIT - anything really. It is not cheap but worth every dollar.