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Find my Fit

Experience the bliss and comfort of a well-fitted bra.
So many women settle for discomfort when it comes to their bras. Don't let that be you!
We offer a range of solutions to help you find your perfect fit. Book an in-store bra fitting, online consultation, take our personalised quiz or watch our comprehensive video tutorials.
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In-store Bra Fittings
There's a perfect fit for every woman. We invite you to book a private Bra Fitting with one of our experienced Bra Fitter's. Our Bra Fittings run for 30 - 45 mins.
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Online Consultations

We understand that it's not possible for all of our customers to make it in-store for a fitting, so we also offer online consultations to help you find your perfect bras.
We run these sessions over Zoom so that we can have a meaningful face to face interaction with you; plus, this is a perfect opportunity to get your most specific bra sizing and style questions answered.
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How a Bra Should Fit and Why
Here's something you should know...Most women wear the wrong bra size! Watch our video tutorial to learn how a bra should truly fit.
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