Do I need to make an appointment to shop at She Science?

We are changing to an appointment only schedule. Up until June 23rd we will not operate on an appointment schedule, meaning you can drop in for a bra fitting any time during our trading hours. We're moving our shop from Kew to Camberwell which means we'll have a two week shut down period from June 24th - July 8th and will relaunch in Camberwell on July 9, as an appointment only business. You can book your appointment for after July 9 here. 

What sizes does She Science stock?

We stock cup sizes A - J, and band sizes 8 - 24. Some of our bras use their own unique bra sizing systems that may fall small or larger the aforementioned sizes. Call us to discuss how many options we have in your size, (03) 9817 6641.

Do I need to run on a treadmill to have my bra fitted?

No. There is the option to run on the treadmill to test the feel of the product if you like. We can also conduct a dynamic breast assessment if you are comfortable walking or running on the treadmill. However, after determining your exact support requirements along with a measure & fit we will still be able to prescribe you a great Sports Bra for your needs without the use of the treadmill. 

I'm not a 'sporty' person. Will I feel comfortable shopping at She Science?

It's important that women of all shapes and sizes, ages and fitness levels are made to feel comfortable when shopping with She Science.  We're all women who understand that bra shopping can be a daunting experience. The most common feedback we receive from new customers is centered around our staff's professionalism, warmth and our customers positive shopping experiences. 

Do you offer a measure and fit service?

Yes, we encourage all women to be measured and fitted in store. However, if you are more comfortable purchasing without our assistance you are welcome to do that.

Will my new Sports Bra fit differently to my every day bra?

You should expect to feel a firmer fit around the bra band of your new Sports Bra when compared to your everyday bras. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, most women wear their band sizes too big in their everyday bras. While you may be able to get away with this for day to day living, a band size that is too big will seriously compromise your Sports Bras ability to support you when you’re active. Secondly, most Sports Bras don’t use much stretch in their fabrics which will also have the bra feeling firmer than your everyday bra. Keep an open mind to this change in fit as it will drastically improve the useful lifespan of your Sports Bras.

How long does it take to shop at She Science?

This depends on how much assistance you’d like from us. For a quick re-fit it should take us no longer than 15 minutes to assist you. For new customers, or customers wanting to try a broad range of product please allow 30 minutes. 

How long will my Sports Bra last?

The life span of your Sports Bra depends on how often you use and wash it. Obviously if you have more than one Sports Bra you will get much longer out of them. If you have one Sports Bra and are washing and wearing it three times a week we expect the useful lifespan to be about 9 months. 

How many Sports Bras do I need?

One Sports Bra may be adequate if you are exercising once or twice a week. If you are active three to four times a week you’ll need two Sports Bras, and if you are active most days you’ll require at least three. You may be best suited with a number of bras that have different support levels to cover your particular set of activities.

Should I be re-fitted every time?

Ideally yes, however if your weight or body shape hasn't changed at all and you have been happy with your previous bra then it’s likely you’ll be fine with the same style and size option. If your body has been through a change in shape due to dieting, weight gain, puberty, pregnancy or menopause then you should definitely be fitted for your next bra. 

Does underwire offer more support?

Underwire gives a great shape, but it adds no extra support for an active bust. It’s commonly believed that a supportive bra must have underwire. Research suggests Sports Bras which give the best support use both the encapsulation and compression method of support. Most of our high impact bras use both of these techniques.  Read our blog on 'the truth about under-wire'.

What’s your best Sports Bra?

While we all have our favourite there is no one best Sports Bra. Your best Sports Bra will be determined by taking in to account your size, shape, activity demands and personal style preference. Testing the product on our assessment room treadmills will give you the opportunity to try-before-you-buy and assist us to find you your best Sports Bra.

How do I wash my Sports Bra?

In order to get the best life span out of your Sports Bra you should handle it with care, after all it gets tormented enough when we exercise. Wash on a gentle cycle, fasten clips, use a lingerie bag, avoid fabric softeners, and don’t wash it unnecessarily. Or alternatively, hand washing is a great way to go. Always hang dry your Sports Bra from the gusset (the middle of the bra, between the underwire) and most definitely avoid tumble drying it. 

Bras that aren't washed correctly will quickly incur damaged hooks (straightened, pinched +/or twisted), underwires that pop out and stretched materials all of which will significantly reduce the lifespan of a bra. Understandably, manufacturers do not guarantee against these things as they are a result of misuse.  

What's your online return policy?

If you haven't been fitted in store by one of our trained staff we require any articles to be returned to be sent back with original tags, in a sellable condition. This includes with no make up or deodorant marks on the product. View our returns policy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship to most countries. View our shipping policy.